(( [REINSTATEMENT] Liam Moore -> Diego Cruz ))

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Diego Cruz
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(( [REINSTATEMENT] Liam Moore -> Diego Cruz ))

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1.1 First Name: Liam
1.2 Middle Name: James
1.3 Last Name: Moore
1.4 Gender:
  • [X] Male
    [-] Female
    [-] Other

2.1 Former Rank: Senior Ranger & Assistant Chief Pilot (Interim Chief Pilot)
2.2 Former Division: Air Wing
2.3 Termination Date: 27/02/2022. Somewhere over 6 months ago
2.4 Reason for termination: Violation of final warning, toxicity.

3.1 Forum name: Kappaurel

3.2 Provide an unedited screenshot of your administrative record.
Unedited Record / LFM Ban lift proof / Ajail Appeal Proof Result

3.3 Provide an unedited screenshot of your in-game stats for the character you're applying with.

3.4 Why do you want to return to the San Andreas State Parks?

Bit of context

I landed in this faction after I was removed from the LSPD somewhere over 9 months ago. I was really not going through my best moment in life, and that led to several issues, included but not limited to be me being over-reactive to whatever happened OOCly, excessive harsh responses, somewhat aggressive attitude and well, overall, toxicity that didn't really make the thing fun for my fellow faction members.

I put my whole soul into this faction when I arrived, I tried to thank them for giving me this chance by putting effort into it, and I did. I became Senior Park Ranger and Assistant Chief Pilot (basically Interim Chief Pilot). I helped rebuild the Air Wing from basically scratch, I rewrote a good part of the manual, and added a whole tutorial for new pilots regarding controls and so on.

Sadly, my OOC issues were still there. No amount of effort makes up for toxicity, and I am aware of that. I was removed, and received an LFM ban along with that removal (given that it was due to toxicity). That was around 6 months ago.

Once that happened, I mainly dropped all my RP for 2 months, taking that time to address my IRL situation, which greatly improved in that timespan. I decided to come back to roleplay after that time, and see if I could have a healthy approach to the game again...

Since my return, I managed to slowly work and build my way back in. I got unbanned by LFM in May. I now can happily say I have a character who is a Senator in SAGOV, a Psychologist in PHMC, and also a Security Guard in G6. I have had no issues at all since I came back, I believe I have improved as a player and a person since. Basically got my shit together.

Why do I want to return to the San Andreas State Parks??

I enjoyed the faction during my time here, I would love to have the chance to come back and do things completely right this time. I'd be happy to return as Ranger, Senior Ranger, or help again in the Air Wing, wherever I'd fit better and help more.

I think that, as much as I had some negative issues, I also made some good friends and generated good roleplay. It would be my pleasure to come back, leaving the negative stuff behind me, and simply enjoy being in this faction with those friends, making up good roleplay scenes and... also making everyone else enjoy.

PD: I'd like to note that I would prefer to return on a different character (fresh new just for this). I think it would just be WAY better for a fresh start, should you give me this opportunity.



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Keyaan Mercer
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Re: (( [REINSTATEMENT] Liam Moore -> Diego Cruz ))

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Dear Mr. Moore,

We thank you for your interest in rejoining our department.

Your reinstatement request has been received and forwarded to Command Staff for review. As such, the deliberation and review stage of your application begins with the intended purpose of verifying your match with the requirements set forth to be part of this department.

Please allow up to 72 hours before reaching out to any Command members. If 72 hours pass and you still lack a response, you will be allowed to email the Command Team for an update on your request.

Should we need further information from you, or you would like to make any relevant comments, a second reply may be posted to this application.

Commander Keyaan Mercer
Paleto District Chief of Staff
Commander Keyaan Mercer
Chief of Staff, Paleto District

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Amy Hill
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Re: (( [REINSTATEMENT] Liam Moore -> Diego Cruz ))

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Dear Mr. Moore,

We would like to thank you once again for your interest in rejoining our department.

After deliberations within the Command Team, we have decided to DECLINE your reinstatement request at this time.

Additionally, you are encouraged to apply for a position within the department through the recruitment process should you still be interested in a position.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the Command Team.

Staff Sergeant Amy Hill
Air Wing Command
Amy Hill
Commanding Ranger - Patrol Support Unit