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The San Andreas State Parks proud themselves in being able to provide services such as Educational Trips, Hunting Trips and Camping Trips for anyone interested.

What are those, exactly?

An Educational Trip is a way for someone to join us in treading through one of our many trails of choosing, in such trips you can relax and enjoy nature while learning about it and how to present yourself in it. Signing up is not mandatory, but advised. These trips are advised for those who cannot spend too much time on the trails and want something more relaxing and shorter.

A Camping trip organized by us is more focused on a longer period throughout the day as you'll get a chance to join rangers and learn about how to camp, where are the best locations and go along the trails to hike and experience the more unexplored areas of San Andreas. Signing up for Camping trips is advised to groups (Or going solo, we don't mind!) who want to go a bit more in depth on experiencing our trails by coming along on more expanded activities throughout the period of one or two days.

Sources of relevant information

Park Travel Locations:
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Preparation & Safety:
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List of upcoming trips and sign-ups

Camping Trip / Night Walk - 22nd of January at 20:00, sign-up can be found HERE.

The San Andreas State Parks take no responsibility in the case of potential injury as a result of the Educational Trip. Each individual that chooses to participate will be protected from dangers of wildlife or human nature but will not take responsibility for self inflicted injuries, injuries that result as outcome of negligence, recklessness, failure to follow Ranger instructions or those that come from natural or unpredictable causes. The San Andreas State Park Rangers are a Law Enforcement body that has a duty to protect and serve but cannot be held liable for injuries or damages to person or property unless said damage, or loss is caused by or as a result of a Peace Officer.

Below are some FAQ for our services.

Q: Does attending cost anything?
A: Nope! Attendance of any trip provided by us is completely free of charge. Bring your own gear though!

Q: What exactly is done during the process of a trip?
A: Depending on what we're offering for the general public at the time, our trips can vary to anything from learning about the wilderness and nature on a walk down one of our trails along with a few rangers, to a full on assisted camping trip.

Q: How do I sign-up?
A: Anyone can join and signing up is not mandatory, though it does help us know you're attending! Look out for any educational trips coming in the near future and sign up on this thread!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Most importantly to us, bring clothing that is comfortable and loose. Anything such as hiking boots, cargo pants and alike are a great fit for a trip down on the trails! (Don't show up in a suit though!)

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: A bottle, canteen or any container of water. Something to snack on (so you don't get too hungry). Most importantly, your phone and appropriate clothes on your back. Things like back-packs as well can be brought as well! If you're going on one of our longer trips. You can find more information in our Hiking & You & our Planning A Parks Visit; Preparation & Planning topics regarding some appropriate hiking gear.

For any further inquiries regarding our trails dial the landline of the San Andreas State Parks - 808.
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San Andreas Park Rangers would like to announce the first event of 2022! We hope you had nice holidays with family and friends and were able to go back to your regular routines by now. We at SAPR surely did and we decided to go right back to work and plan more fun activities for you. Our year will be starting out pretty big by organizing a camping trip around Mount Gordo. We hope that you will find this activity interesting and decide to participate. Looking forward to seeing every single one of you there!

"A campsite near Mount Gordo" Credit: Hana Hirota


Overall, this camping trip has two goals, to learn and to have fun. One of them is to teach you about practical things that involve camping. How do you find the perfect camping spot? How do you set up a fire? How do you make sure that it is safe for both your group and the wildlife around you? All of these questions will be answered and more! You will have the opportunity to go hands-on and set up a campsite while working together with others. Of course, we will not leave you on your own and have Rangers available to help, or if you have any questions whatsoever. Once the campsite is set up, we will do an educational night walk up to the Love Lake and back. Here, we will not only talk about wildlife that can be found around Gordo, but also a few myths that surround the area. Yes, it may or may not involve the story of Jolene Cranley-Evans' ghost. Lastly, when we return everyone will be able to catch a break and socialize with each other while sharing stories around the campfire and eating marshmallows!

"View from the top of Mount Gordo" Credit: Hana Hirota

Practical Information and Sign ups

Since this event is pretty big and will take up a lot of time, we will have to limit the number of attendees to 15 people. In order to participate, you will have to sign up HERE. The meet up point will be near the lighthouse

You will have to bring your own camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, flashlights) and clothes that you will be comfortable hiking in and that fit the weather. It will take place on 22nd of January at 20:00. Oh and... Did we mention that it is completely free?! So tell your friends and we will see you there!
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