Safe Hunting Course 6th of June

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Safe Hunting Course 6th of June

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Introduction & General Information

The purpose of this event is to raise safety awareness when hunting within the State Parks. It will be an educational event that will focus on hunting laws, safety, firearms and wildlife. Paleto Armory has agreed to join San Andreas Park Rangers in this event and educate the crowd about weapons that can be used for hunting. After the event, everyone will be invited to Bayview Lodge to buy some food or drinks and ask Rangers more questions that they might have.

The event will take place on June 6th at 18:00 in front of San Andreas Park Rangers HQ in Paleto Bay.


  • Welcome in front of San Andreas Park Rangers HQ.
  • Introduction to firearm safety and what firearms/ammunition can be used. Paleto Armory's owner will present these firearms. Participants will be allowed to try these firearms out at Paleto Armory.
  • The group will head to Paleto Forest where a brief talk about HAPA and the most important hunting laws will take place. This will include information about safe hunting as well.
  • Safety and how to behave around wildlife.
  • Q&A with the Rangers at Bayview Lodge.
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