[Ride-Along Request] Emily Khan

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Emily Khan
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[Ride-Along Request] Emily Khan

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San Andreas State Parks - Ride Along Request

1. Personal Information
  • 1.1 Full Name: Emily Khan
    1.2 Date of Birth: 17/DEC/1993

    1.3 Address: Abe Milton Pkwy House - Floor 2, Room 2
    1.4 City: Los Santos
    1.5 State: San Andreas
  • 1.6 Current Occupation: Engineer/Paramedic, Los Santos Fire Department
    1.7 Reason for ride-along: I am both an Aeromedic with our Air Operations Division and most recently part of our Urban Search & Rescue command, coordinating our technical rescue response out in the city as well as county. I would like to use the opportunity of this ride-along to learn how our brothers and sisters operate and gain a better understanding on procedures and protocols as well as response parameters, as well as what divisions are available to park rangers.
2. Waiver
  • I, Emily Khan, agree by signing this document, I acknowledge that the opportunity to participate in the Park Ranger Ride-Along Program is a privilege and that the assigned Ranger, can discontinue my participation in the ride-along program at any time. I also agree to allow a background check to be completed by the San Andreas State Parks. I understand the ride-along program involves riding in an emergency vehicle being operated by a Park Ranger who is performing both routine and emergency functions involving wildlife and hunting, and aswell, in the capacity of a Law Enforcement Officer enforcing the State Penal Code. At times this being possibly dangerous or a risk to me, which could risk myself being injured with great bodily harm or the possibility of even death. I understand the San Andreas State Parks hold no liability for an incident at hand that could risk myself being injured. I have carefully read the regulations set in place by the San Andreas State Parks Release and Waiver of Liability. I understand the contents thereof and I sign the same freely and voluntarily.
Signature: Image
Printed Name: Emily Khan
Date: 07/DEC/2021

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Re: [Ride-Along Request] Emily Khan

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Ride-Along Request Response

After review of the request that has been submitted, the Recruitment Section of the San Andreas State Parks, has ACCEPTED your Ride-Along request, until 07/JAN/2022- in which you will have to reapply for a Ride-Along Request. To go on a Ride-Along, please come to our local station at Paleto District HQ and or call through our service hotline at eight-zero-eight (808). We ask that you please review our guidelines once again, and show up in appropriate attire.

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Recruitment Ranger

Staff Sergeant Keenan McCall
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Re: [Ride-Along Request] Emily Khan

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We would like to inform you that your currently ride-along request is now expired. If you wish to continue your ride-along program with the San Andreas State Parks, we ask you to fill out another form and submit it to our station.

Lieutenant Matt Graham
Workforce Development Unit Command
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